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I didnt play for a week and today i logged in and i missed the event. I made one guess: leona , because the was exactly like thw silhoette.

I am kinda disappiontes i dont have any messages or rewards from riot like a kind of recap for this event. It clearly said you get blue motes if you guessed wrong. I didnt get any nitifications.

More importantly i want to know who the champion was. Oddly enough i couldnt find any recent posts.

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Look up official WR’s Twitter to keep up. (Though personally we shouldn’t be doing this. Twitter is a dumb platform)

Follow the 1) main Wildrift Twitter 2) Alan deathstare guy - Project manager or something 3) draggles - comms guy 4) events lady 5) Matchmaking guy - who got flamed very hard (fk you flamers) 6) Jonathan chao - forgot his role.

And drop some niceties once in a while. They might not be perfect but people tend to want to do their best. Flaming and hounding them doesn’t work. Ever felt tired AF and have your boss be nice to you and make you want to give your 110%? We are their bosses.


yeah we push a lot of stuff to twitter because we don't have a ton of easy ways of talking to players in game. the event was left up for a couple of days after so people could take in garen's amazing pose but it wasn't meant to be a long-lived thing! i think we should do those events more often imo, they seem like fun little repeatable things