9 months ago - Femennenly - Direct link

Starts - Thu. Oct. 24 9:30 AM PT Ends - Mon. Oct. 28 8:30 AM PT

Commanders, welcome to the Public Test of Update 0.8.10!

The "Italian Cruisers: Part 2" event, a new Season of Ranked Battles, and maps that have been updated to incorporate the reworked lighting model! These and many other improvements await you in the 0.8.10 Public Test! Take a look through the Developer Bulletin, and welcome to the test!



Combat Missions and Rewards

Missions of the Autumn Season

You can read more about the Autumn Season in a dedicated article.

Starting Bonuses

How Do I Access the Public Test?

8 months ago - Gneisenau013 - Direct link

Ahoy Fleet!

We fixed the problem with ranked battles and re-enabled them for Public Test!

Unfortunately the progress for Ranked Season you made yesterday was reset.

For this reason we are extending the 1st Session of Public Test 0.8.10 till Tuesday 29 October 3:00 AM PT / 6:00 AM ET.