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Hey Captains,

Now that the rest of the line has been shown, which ships interest you the most?

Personally the Milano looks extra spicy to me and I can't wait to see what it can do!

Fight for the Flagship - Tier VIII Tournament

24 minutes ago - Kami on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey Amracil,

Thanks for pointing that out, I have let the organizers know!

Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

26 minutes ago - Kami on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey Captains,

This has been the case for the last few ranked seasons that the last irrevocable rank has been at rank 12. What would be your reasoning to have more irrevocable ranks at higher ranks? Ranked is meant to be a challenge to get to rank 1, this is no secret.

The characteristics of these ships are currently in the balancing stage. We will publish further details in the near future.

Hey Daniel_Allan_Clark,

Why would you lose speed controls for the autopilot? This improvement is to make the autopilot better and to keep you on the desired path you set. This change is designed so that the autopilot is "smarter" and doesn't take you straight into an island or do weird turns.

Hey zproxy,

Yes, all of the previewed camouflages will be available for doubloons. Any of them interest you? I see one that interests me =).

so i got the "free" dd

about 3 hours ago - Kami on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey HyenaHiena,

You mention the Black and it not being as much fun, what about the Benham sets it apart from the Black? Is it all the torpedoes?

Congrats on the nice game and good amount of torpedo hits!

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

With the upcoming super test session, a new game nation, Europe, will be added to the game. Initially it will include Viribus Unitis, Friesland and Blyskawica. These ships will keep their national flags, voiceovers, their commanders uniform, names and ranks.

This way, small European fleets will be merged into one tree.

In the upcoming update we continue to work on improving the autopilot. Now the autopilot takes into account speed, maneuverability and size of the ship when planning the path, and also automatically changes the speed. The movement trajectory is now displayed as a real path on the tactical map and mini-map.

With this improvement, the chance of a collision with an island will be much lower, but if it does happen, the new autopilot will maneuver on its own and return the ship to its pre...

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Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

about 4 hours ago - on News - Thread - Direct
On August 8, a new Ranked Battles season on Tier IX ships begins. Read all about it and join the race for rewards! Read more

ST: Many Changes to Test Ships!

about 5 hours ago - Kami on Forums - Thread - Direct

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

Tier IX European destroyer Friesland:

Turrets can rotate 360 degrees.

Turret firing angles increased: bow turret by 1 degree, stern turret by 5 degrees to both sides.

AA damage bonus granted by the Defensive AA Fire consumable lowered from +200% to +100%.

Changes to turret rotation and firing angles will make playing the Friesland more comfortable.
Friesland has good AA defense for her class, allowing her to take down large numbers of planes, but the Defensive AA Fire consumable made the destroyer too effective against aircraft.

Tier IX German cruiser Siegfried:

Number of charges for the Repair Party consumable lowered from 3 to 2.

Torpedo range lowered from 8 to 6 km.

Number of the Repair party consumables were aligned with the standard values ...

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The characteristics of these ships are currently in the balancing stage. We will publish further details in the near future

Italians are coming!

about 23 hours ago - Kami on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey Captains,

Sooo it seems like there is a little bit of excitement in here? =). Did anyone watch the stream and if you did, what are your first impressions of the Italian cruisers? There will be Developer's Blogs in the near future that will share more information for you all.

Thoughts on what was said about no HE, some consumables not being available for the line and the high alpha/low dpm guns?


I apologize that you do not feel like the process is clear, I have tried to refine this process and be clear on how it works, it is documented as the process proceeds. As another overview:

1 - Initial sign-ups are conducted via the survey which usually stays open for 2-3 days. At the end of the survey it does state if you are selected you will be contacted via forum PM and asks you to check that they are turned on

2 - Survey closes, from the applicants (usually around 4000), I will remove anyone who invalidates themselves; a few things can cause this:

Refusal to use Discord text communications

Refusal to abide by the rules

3 - When I clean out invalid applicants (usually around 1000 get disqualified) I will put the remaining names into a random name picker, and pull out ~350 usernames which form the first wave of invites.

It is not possible to invite everyone,...

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Alright Captains!

Thanks for the 2nd round of interest.

Account checks will be completed and invites sent out by EOD today until all accounts are filled.


Magui Reportándose!

1 day ago - Femennenly on Forums - Thread - Direct

Unfortunately I don't, luckily community members have helped. Unfortunately, Sea_You decided to move onto new opportunities so I'm the stand in for the time being trying to help and engage where I can :D


Top XP in the game on the losing side

1 day ago - Kami on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey uglykid,

Good effort on trying to win the game! From your screenshots it looks like a tier V and VI game so you had a decent shot at carrying the match. You did more than your fair share for your team to have a chance at winning, but it looks like 3 of the bottom 4 ships on your team XP wise were DDs. With the amount of XP they earned it looks like they might have charged the cap early and got destroyed? This will have a substantial effect on the game from the get go if you lose your DDs that early.

This has happened to a lot of us in the past and it will happen in the future, just keep your head up and know you did what you could!

Again good match and thanks for sharing.

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