9 months ago - Femennenly - Direct link

Do you feel illuminated when you're holding a candle?

Have you always felt that Orange is your color?

Are you convinced that you came from a vine in a patch?

Then you very well may be perfect to be a Pumpkin Participant in this Season's Pumpkin Smash Bounty!

Event Article / Event Forum Discussion

Okay, so there is a few more conditions that just those, but if you are interested in participating in the Pumpkin Smash Bounty as a Pumpkin Event account you're in the right place to apply!

Simply reply to this thread answering the following questions before Midnight on Saturday the 26th (Central Time):

Which (if any) of the previous bounty events have you participated in as an event account?

Event coordination occurs on Discord, do you understand how to use this program?

Do you agree to the outlined rules for Pumpkins?

Have you ever been removed as a participant from a Bounty event?

*You will only be able to see your own response in this thread.

Players will be randomly selected and contacted via Forum PM with further instructions if selected.

The full list of Pumpkin Participants will be available on the 30th of October here in the forums