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I'm sorry to hear that your experience here has been unpleasant .
When I was put in charge of the NA Forums about 2 months ago I was determined to straighten out some of what I saw as "Terminal Antagonism" from some of the members. I had hoped that, because I'm a streamer and very experienced at the game, I could help to suppress some of the more unpleasant personalities and offer something better. It seems that I have more work to do. https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships
In the meantime - I highly encourage you to join us on our Official Twitch Stream and see some more gameplay. You can ask me questions directly there and it doesn't matter how green you are at the game. I was a streamer for a year and a half before joining Wargaming and I prided myself on treating brand new players and elites exactly alike. Come by and I would be more than happy to discuss the game a bit there.
As for the people treating you poorly here - we have moderators watching for personal attacks, but unfortunately people will still be negative without breaking the rules.

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