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The introduction of Leroy Jenkins to World of Warships is purely to honor him as a veteran specifically. Along with our Legendary commanders we have a lot of special commanders that have no special skills in the armory. Along with celebrating the USS Kidds 78th birthday the release of Leroy Jenkins to World of Warships on this date we feel is an amazing way to honor the time that he served and we do not believe that he needs to have any special perks in the game for this reason. And we further honor him by not requiring the use of in-game or out of game currency to make him part of your ships crews.


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We have stated this A LOT throughout the forums.

We have a lot of projects we are working, specific to historic commanders, that we would like to put in World of Warships. The issue specifically is, it's not as easy as some say it is to "just put them in the game," there are A LOT of legal considerations that have to be taken into account.

Specifically if a person has passed away, we have to attempt to get ahold of their estate or a representative. If we do not get responses, that is a hard stop for us. I cannot discuss specifically which commanders we are working to put into the game but almost ALL of them have been suggested in the forums at some point.