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They're here and off NDA! Superships Admiral Ushakov and Sekiryu are about to land in the Lighthouse auction and we want to show you how they work! The massive Ushakov is the supership in the Soviet Battleship line and boats a massive 135k hitpoints on top of the Kremlin's heavy armor scheme, but takes huge hits to mobility and agility as a trade-off. Sekiryu boasts tactical Rocket and Torpedo-armed jets, but maintains the very fragile style of IJN CV planes present on it's predecessor, the Hakuryu.

Which playstyle suits you best? How do you think these two monster Superships will stack up against the more familiar supers? Join Boggzy and Ahskance and find out on the NA Community Stream!

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 5:00 PM Central Time