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Hi, there!
Considering how many times I hear folks' saying that World of Warships is "pay-to-win", it's always a surprise to me to hear the opposite. It sounds like you are frustrated that, despite your input over the years, the results in your WR have remained the same. As someone who was once very bad at the game, who then became someone very good at the game, the most effective way to get better is to division with those who are better than you and to watch instructional videos from veteran players.
YouTubers like Potato_Quality are easy to understand and make videos that are accessible to a wide audience. I recommend giving him a try! He's on of our NA CC's!


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Hi, there
2 things:

1. As a game company, we do not base potential improvements to the game on whether or not it will render old community content obsolete. It's just not the way things work, nor should it. "Well, we can't update the captain skills because Notser's videos on captain skills won't be relevant anymore".

2. I doubt content creators are saying to themselves, "shoot - now I have to go back and redo my videos". That's not how content creation works. Especially for YouTubers, more views is what they want. In fact, such a shift in captain skills means there is more territory for them to make content, not HAVE to make content. Twitch streamers also benefit from this in that they can make content out of trying new builds.

The game is going to evolve and change. Most skills are similar, if not exactly the same as old skills, albeit moved around so that not every ship class has access. Removing AFT from cruisers single-handedly balanced Smolensk, while Fire Prevention being removed from cruisers meant that Large Cruisers like Stalingrad and Alaska lost some of their power-creep on Battleships. These were important changes and the game will continue to evolve.

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Some would.
I won't.