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Hi, guys - and thanks to all of you who have pinged me directly…

Part of the testing of submarines does involve seeing how they function in random battles. I can assure you that the concerns raised here are understood and how the game is impacted both technically as well as enjoyment are both under the microscope.

An enormous amount was learned from the testing of submarines in Ranked. An even larger amount will be learned about how Subs work in a larger 12 v 12 format. Answers to many of your concerns here are exactly what should be found from the test.

As a player myself, I can attest that Submarines in randoms should feel less of a change than it did in Ranked due to the number of boats in the match.

22 days ago - Boggzy - Direct link

Secondaries are exceptionally good now and require fewer points to BE good than they did before. I was a HUGE proponent of this and I couldn’t be happier with secondaries as they are now.