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Are you changing Tiers? If you have an issue with down tier try to stick to the same tier. Keep in mind the 40/60 break is in each tier. Which means if you are playing multiple tier you might be hitting that 60 more often.

13 days ago - Maredraco - Direct link

No, let me break it down to better explain.

If you play 1 tier you have a 40/60 on that tier

If you play 2 tiers you have a 40/60 on each one of those tiers

If you play 3 tiers you have 40/60 on each one.

All that means is that for example if you play 10 games in a single tier in theory you should have 4 that it will be on your tier and 6 that can be up-tiered. If you play 10 in 2 tiers it is possible that all 10 will be up-tier because you would need to play 20 (10 on each) to have in theory 12 up-tier and 8 same tier. Obviously these numbers are affected by the time of day you play and what you are playing. So mathematically speaking if you only play 10 matches your chances to get up-tiered is greater for every different tier you play. Keep in mind that this does extend to other days so that`s why sometimes you might get a feeling that the MM is being nicer to you, just means you could have hit that 40% in every tier that day.


I missed @Skpstr answer. Thanks.