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I'm testing this now and I have not been able to recreate it as he does. If I aim low, then throw the cursor up quickly and fire, at time a single turret will shoot at the previous point, but the others will not.

I've escalated it to see what's happening.
EDIT: Ok, I was able to recreate it, but I had to aim VERY short and then throw my cursor up much further and fire almost at the exact same time. I suspect this is due to the fact that barrels due have to elevate in order to shoot - while a mouse cursor can have it's sensitivity turned way up to be almost instantaneous

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That's not how the bug / action works. Respectfully, if you are aiming normally and not "throwing your mouse", then you probably need to adjust your aim up a bit to reliably hit the CV.

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Careful - I am acknowledging here that I was able to recreate the bug. We're taking a look at it.

Bugs happen. They always have in all games and they always will. It's a simple process of recreating, identifying, and eliminating.

Let's not veer this into personal attacks against Flamu or myself or anyone else.

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Got an internal update for this issue:

This behavior of the shells is present for a long time and occurs when you quickly move the aiming reticle right before the guns fire. It got more attention because of the "railgun" bug: it caused the change in behavior of the shells when reticle is moved before the shot. To fix the "railgun" we rolled the game logic back to the state before the changes which resulted in it appearing as a side effect. This situation prompted us us to have a more detailed look at older mechanics and after fixing the "railgun" we planned an improvement for the future.

However, developing of the proper solution for this "under-the-hood" firing behavior might take significant time because it is related to technically complex game logic and the way client - server exchange the information. We will obviously share more information when we will have a stable improvement ready.
Hope that helps!

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You don't have to trust me, WG, or anyone else.

You DO, however, need to be reasonable in our forums when it comes to discourse. You have come very close to personal attacks against myself and others in this thread and that is against forum rules.

I, as a Community Manager, have been as open and honest as I can given the information I have available to me about what this is and what we're doing to fix it. You are more than welcome to speculate on things, but you must remain within certain boundaries of reasonable behavior while doing so or it becomes theater. Keep things reasonable and respectful.