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Thank you for the feedback, we will make sure to pass the feedback forward. We are trying things so please do make sure you continue to let us know what you like and what you would do instead.

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If you're looking for ships that are generally unable to be sniped, I recommend the coal ship "Napoli" with exceptional stealth, firepower, AND armor with a smokebomb for running and torpedoes for surpising!
Battleships at high tier generally do end up in long-range standoffs with other BB's or heavy cruisers, but it seems to me by design. That's what BB's do! If you are a fan of battleships designed to get in close and tear things up, you might also like the Kremlin or Grosser Kurfurst - it just requires some patience and careful selection of where to make your push!

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You're correct that BB's in WoWs have long range because of "muh history" because WW1 and WW2 battleships DID in fact have long range and did in fact USE long range :) . That is modeled into the game.
As for "BB's are designed to push", I'm not sure what gives you that impression. The two BB's that I listed are indeed designed to be BETTER at pushing, but only when the circumstances are appropriate! As nearly anyone can tell you, pushing too early in a Kremlin or GK will result in a fiery and spectacular death for only you =D

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Sorry to hear that - I recall that same sentiment when Dead-eye was introduced, but people gradually stopped doing that up until DeadEye was removed. Now my experience is that, sure, some folks will snipe too much in their BB's, but most will still "play the objective'.
You gotta remember that, if your BB's are pushing too hard, they cannot escape if they come under concentrated fire. Further, the closer they get to where enemy DD's are (likely screening int he front and contesting caps), then they open themselves up to torpedo strikes.
A smart BB will ride that fine line between "Close enough to land shells consistently" and "Far enough away to avoid taking foolish damage".

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Yeah, brother :)

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