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#1 - I am extremely grateful that all of you have chosen to make your points clearly and in a civil manner without the need to be cruel to each other. Thank you for that!

#2 - the issue at hand here seems to be centered all around the fact that achievements of the sort needed to activate some of these commander talents are not available in coop.

The reason these achievements are limited to PvP is due to the fact that they represent achievements against other players. It’s as simple as that, I’m afraid. A human player simply represents a bigger, more changeable threat than a bot (unless the bot is dialed up to TURBO-BOT). The achievements were designed to be symbols of note for that.

Truly, I understand that is frustrating for people for prefer PvE since it locks away a few of the commander’s special abilities. This is an excellent point to make. I saw a suggestion from @becalmed that perhaps the skills be given extra coding to reflect “Kraken or 5 Kills”, which would free it up for use in PvE modes. I think this is a suggestion very much worth passing along!

Thank you, folks for helping to reach an actually plausible solution to a problem!

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