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Hi, everyone
I am personally a big fan of secondaries as well - but it's important to remember that secondaries are not meant to be a reliable means of doing damage without speccing into them. Some cruisers having exceptionally accurate batteries is done to give them a special flavor and utility to help them stand out and feel unique compared to the large field of cruisers, but this isn't something common.

Most people have two issues with inaccurate secondaries:

They don't feel useful as a game mechanic

Their inaccuracy is immersion-breaking

Those are both totally things to take issue. To the first, the answer is that non-specc'd secondaries function as a wild-card when it comes to a pitched battle. They are not supposed to be something you can reliably count on to win a battle for you, but can drag you across the finish line for exciting surprise finishes. I have seen and experienced myself many instances of inaccurate secondaries pulling a clutch kill when it matters most and vice versa - secondaries picking daisies while a BB laughs in their face.

To the second, the reality is that WoWs is an arcade game and must take certain liberties when it comes to strictly adhering to reality in order to function as a game. Ships in real life don't have hit points, damage saturation, or activatable heals , so there will always be things that don't line up with reality.

However, I will also say that Commander Skill Rework made secondaries incredible. It takes fewer skill points to spec and still allows for Heal / Conceal / Fire Prevention choices while fully specc'd.