19 days ago - Mademoisail - Direct link

If you guys are interested, I would be more than happy to share which drop I got Missouri on, but I am curious about something else in the meantime.

Do you think our recent statement on drop rates will help you make decisions around random bundles and containers? I am curious how you guys feel about this. Here is a link to the article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/wows-team-shout-out-to-game-community/

Here is a screenshot regarding drop rates:

Let me know what you think!


18 days ago - Maredraco - Direct link

Just a quick clarification on this specific topic. The rates for the random bundles like the one the Missouri is in are kind of already public. You will need to do a little bit of math. If the Missouri is in a 1/41 that is actually the rate. For these types of bundles all the possibilities are equal chances.