8 months ago - Femennenly - Direct link

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Captains and Commanders! Do I have a challenge for you!

In honor of Unsinkable Sam making his way into the game, its got us wondering about other pets our Captains may have, so....

I would like to invite you to share a picture of your pet with the other Captains of World of Warships

Between the 23rd 12:00 UTC and 29th 12:00 UTC of September, reply to this thread with a picture of your pet and tell us their name!

For example:

This is my feline friend Muzet, or Mu for short. She refuses to sit on laps but instead insists on being held up to be over my shoulder.


5 randomly selected winners will receive 1x Premium Sam Container each


Anyone who submits a valid entry within the period will receive:
10x Anniversary Camos

8 months ago - KARMAT1KA - Direct link

Karmat1ka reporting for duty! Although Fem has initiated this contest, I'm throwing her a little bit of a repair party while she is catching up on everything after being out at Twitch Con.

Thank you all for your participation in this contest. As a huge animal lover myself, I had an absolute pleasure going through all of your furry, scaly, feathery, and even spiny friends that you have submitted! I will also add that I'm so glad these winners were picked using our RNG. There are so many cuties in here, there is no way I could ever just choose 5!

Here are the 5 lucky winners who will receive 1x Premium Sam Container each.






And for everyone else who submitted valid entries, you will be receiving 10x Anniversary Camos. All prizes should be issued to your account before the end of the week.

Also while we are on the topic, I just wanted to share with you this impressive battleship cat house one of our players shared with us last weekend on social media!

Thank you all for sharing your beloved animals with us and participating in our contest. Make sure you check out the contest we have running for this week too!