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PTS notes HERE


Please leave feedback below!

If you have any bugs to report, you can submit them here after the patch goes live.


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They could possibly if more people played PTS.

We have a very large portion of the community globally that understand that PTS is to help catch mechanic bugs etc and play during PTS for this reason. However, often times, those rewards end up being abused and sections we need testing for do not get tested.


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If we didn't want to read your feedback or "ignored it", we simply would not have a place for you to put it, we wouldn't put the work in to put a place for feedback, I wouldn't be THROUGHOUT the forums asking people in General when they post a thread that has great feedback to put it in the appropriate threads.

Just because you don't see a response does not mean it is not seen. You were talked to by another WG staff @Maredraco about your feedback directly because you were posting the same thing over and over and over and not in a constructive fashion. I responded months ago that I was putting your feedback in directly about the left handed support for World of Warships not only because I recognized the issue, but because I am left handed myself so totally understand the frustration.

That being said, just because you do not see a response doesn't mean the feedback is not seen. If you go through the forums and the feedback threads you will see me replying pretty regularly and throughout the forums. However, the forums are NOT our only place we get feedback and NOT the only place we engage with the community, we look on FB, we look in game, we look on Discord etc etc.

Furthermore, on NA there are only a couple of us, and we do not have the bandwidth to respond to every single posted feedback.

But back to the subject, increasing the rewards has shown no increase to participation in the PTS. We used to give a lot more rewards and there is zero difference in the amount of people participating in PTS on NA. Also the PTS is not meant for testing new ship releases this is why we have over 200 amazing supertesters on NA alone and then all our privateers and staff as well. PTS is meant to test the mechanics and missions etc specifically. And just for playing a few battles you get rewards.


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Not sure what you mean by your comment, we DO take feedback from Reddit and Sub_Octavian is still with WG. Reddit is just MUCH harder to grab feedback because it isn't as directed as the forums or other avenues. Essentially you have to sift through all the memes to get to the feedback.


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