24 days ago - Hapa_Fodder - Direct link

The first question I always ask, do you have or use any mods? If so, please remove all of them and reload your game and see if that clears you problem up.

Second, if you don't use mods, please run a WGCheck and then submit a CS ticket explaining your issue and attach the WGCheck report so they can see what is going on. Below is the instructions on how to do this.




23 days ago - Hapa_Fodder - Direct link

So I ask about the mods, not because I want to know whether the mods are okay or not to use, but because, more often than not problems like this are directly attributable to the mods not being updated or a glitch with them. As we don't make the mods themselves, if you find a mod that is giving you problems, please reach out to the mod makers.

That being said, please remove your mods and boot up your game and see if you have the same issues.



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WGCheck Network Diagnostics | World of Warships
WGCheck is a tool that checks the game files integrity and generates a technical report about your computer and connection: DxDiag report, active