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Big fan of WorldBox, one of my top favourite games I've always loved to play. The big question is mainly for the Developers to answer, as well this is also a suggestion concept to, regular people are welcome to comment. My big question is this, Once Development is fully completed on Worldbox would yous ever consider the idea of creating a another new Worldbox, one that's Sci-fi and set out in Space. For starters your 4 races could be Humans, Aliens, Machines and Dimensionals, each having the usual Colours though with new Flags and Symbols, buildings would still be different with each race though with a Sc-fi look, instead of a Dock for example you have a Space Port for Space Ships. Animals you would have some normal ones but then the rest are just Alien, creatures and Aliens you can have different kinds, for example instead having Zombies you'd have Assimilated beings trying get you and establish a collective. Biomes you'd have an Earth one, Moon one, Mars one, then more unique ones like a Plasma one, Toxic one, Machine one etc, Disasters you can have Ion storms, Plasmados, Gammray beams, Crystal Meteorites, Solar storms, Plasma fires. Destruction powers you can have Plasma Grenades for example, traits some the same, others brand new and Sci-fi, there's more i could add but I would make this to long. Personally I'd be awesome to see a Sci-fi Worldbox and if done right I'd be great, anyone esle think it would be awesome and curious on the Developers thoughts.

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Thought about it, would have been fun!

But still so much to add to WorldBox.