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It sleeps. For now



Are you on iOS?


Should be fixed next update, that coming soon

30 May

28 May


Happens if they will kill somebody with rage status during age of chaos

26 May




Should be fixed next patch




Mush musht grow!


Mush muhst grow


Originally posted by Bro---really

But by 50 points? Couldn’t it at least decrease over time?

Yeah, agree. Could be balanced more with future updates.

It's done this way, because without it worlds would just achieve harmony very fast. If nobody don't like supreme kingdom - wars could just stop forever. Or supreme kingdom pick up others one by one.

Or it would be same as with diplomacy being turned off.

And same for different races thing - done for balancing to "help" civs with decision making. Without it, civs would threat each other same way.

It would be weird if humans prefer to be allies with orcs, instead of other humans, don't you agree?


Max age acts like a threshold, after which unit has a chance to die from an old age any moment.

If unit very lucky and random chance gods are good to him, he can survive more.

Tand these traits increase this threshold before that starts to happen

Same as in real life. Sometimes healthy people just suddenly pass away

22 May



Can you share your computer specs?

Is there any recording software that you have installed? Anything that could be related to cursor?

Did it start to happen after the last update?

18 May

16 May


This is also used as a tutorial for a new player to showcase what the game can offer, since you can explore traits and creatures one by one. And achievement such as "King of Kings" can teach you how traits are acquired.

If you're familiar with the game, you can unlock everything in less than 30 minutes and have it available forever.

Could you please tell me which traits you're having trouble with to unlock?

11 May


Originally posted by Bigbrain_goat

It’s the wise trait that turn units hair white not age.

Stupid trait prevents a unit from ever getting the wise trait, thus they’ll always have great hair.

TIL. Just realized that "stupid" affects hair color in backwards way haha.

Now the question is - bug or feature.

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