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I know that many here have liked the implementation of skin color in the different races, but to be honest I liked it at first, but then I saw that the skin color (in my case), changes constantly in the different inhabitants with each save. Also, at the beginning if you generated a town with a specific color and saved the world, when you re-enter it, it changed the skin of almost all the inhabitants and it is really bothering me a lot, especially with respect to two races, the dwarves and the elves.

First in the dwarves, honestly, the only thing I want is a village of dwarves of different colors, one dark (dark forge lords) and another "normal" type (those of all life) and honestly it is not possible with this change of color in each save. It is very frustrating to generate a village with a specific skin and at the end when you save it, everything goes to the trash.

Second the elves, well here the same situation with respect to the first one, only the only difference is the lore that I am personally managing, elves and dark elves. I hope the skin color traits will be more stable regardless of saves or downloads.

To finish, in advance I thank all the team that makes worldbox possible, thank you very much. And I hope with all my heart that they fix this insignificant bug and although it is almost nothing, it is very important to me.