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I've been playing this game for a long time and bought the Steam version when it was released, but now there's a big problem.

I play on an iMac, but the Steam system requirements have changed and now I can't play it, it's like it's been downgraded and I have to use older versions of my iMac just to play this game (which I don't know how to do).

For those who don't know the current version of the iMac is called Ventura, when the game was released the last version was Monterey and it played fine, but now the system requirements call for a much older version called Mojave, from 2018.

The game probably uses Mojave because it's easier to code (?)

but it's still a shame because my only solution is to ask for a refund or buy expensive software that can run Windows on a Mac.

(I know it's not a bug, but I couldn't find the correct flair).

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Nah I'm developing on latest MacOS and it works. What's the problem you're having?

System requirements just indicate the minimum version.

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Originally posted by ilsottopagato

Hi, basically when I try to enter the game everything works fine for about a few minutes, then the screen freezes, I can't close the game and I have to restart the PC.

I hope this helps.

Do you have any mods active from previous versions?

Does this happen on old maps or new maps?

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Originally posted by ilsottopagato

I don't use mods, and this bug happens with every map, even the auto-generated ones

Before this happens can you press the button next to 1,2,3 to open the console ( ` ) and see if any errors happened there?

It would have a lot of light blue text with "error" written over it in red.

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Originally posted by ilsottopagato

What do you mean by “the button next to 1,2,3”?

On your keyboard. The button left of the 1,2,3,4,... keys. It opens the console

The ` key