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(Sorry for my bad grammar) 7 months of waiting, sneak peek about the upcoming update, the disappointment when maxim cancelled the release date, this new update is worth of my time. I enjoy every feature that maxim offer us in the new update. I have pros and cons about this new update

Let’s start with experience with this update

It’s a game changer for worldbox. Everything is perfect now. The sound effects is magnificent! From realistic bomb sound to environments sound. The new game soundtrack is perfect. The melody, the rhythm, its just perfect. Not only that, When you zoom into one of your village, you can listen them talking, music, and many more sound effects. The war sound effect is cute(to be honest they sound like moaning to me #sexupdate)

The new worldbox era is awesome. I love moon era because it give you the dark environments and the light coming from boat, people and house is cool. You can see little light moving around your map. Each era represent different things, i like different changes.

Now let’s move to diplomacy and war mechanics. The alliance mechanic is cool, clans is nothing special to me. For me the diplomacy and war mechanic is not what I expected. I thought i can decide which kingdom can become alliance. Im little disappointed with that. The new indicator for the war is cool asf. Love seeing arrow everywhere. I love how i can decide which kingdom can they fight so i dont need to do the old way (when u give the mad effect and then give the peace effect lol)

I love the new ui, customisation, and more. Now i can choose what colour of my culture, more choice for creating a new world, and many more.

So this is end of my conclusion, i hope yall mot mad at me if some of my words did not fit with you guys and etc. like I mentioned before, this is my opinion.

Overall 7/10 update

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Thanks for the review!

The Alliance tool would be added a bit later.