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Hey Defiants!

We are excited to announce that XDefiant will be moving to the new Ubisoft forums!

As with previous brands that have transitioned to our new forums, this will be a fresh start for everyone. Posts, threads, and comments on the old version of the forums will be publicly archived (in read-only mode) and they will not be copied over to the new forums.

There are many exciting features on our new forum platform and we are looking forward to sharing them with you!

These include, but are not limited to:

  • A revamped mobile experience
  • Faster performance and searching
  • Dark mode
  • A Ubisoft tracker (easier to find threads from Ubisoft staff as well as staff replies withi...
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10 Sep

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Looking back on the XDefiant Closed Test and how you've all rocked it! Here are some stats for you:

(That IS a lot of rounds)

Remember to register at for our future test phases!

09 Sep

08 Sep

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Hey! We don't have anything confirmed yet but there will be more tests, so I would make sure to sign up for them here if you haven't yet

27 Aug

    UbiBlush on Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey Defiants!

Now that the Closed Test has come to an end, we are re-opening the public XDefiant forums for discussion. You should now be able to open and reply to threads on the Public Forum again.

We also wanted to make the specifics about the XDefiant Closed Test NDA a bit clearer to avoid confusion about what posts are allowed in the Public Forums and which ones aren�t:
  • Allowed: Sharing your impressions and general opinions about the game.
  • Not allowed: Any footage, streams, videos, or images of the Closed Test.

Thank you all for your understanding and welcome back!

/ XDefiant Community Team

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