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Hello Everyone!

While Alpha 21's production goes full steam ahead, there is a list of fixes compatible with A20 we did not want you all to wait on any longer!

To participate:

1. right click on the game in steam

2. click on properties

3. click the "betas" tab

4. the drop down menu will have latest_experimental available ← you want THAT

5. select that and wait for the game to download.

Due to Microsoft requirements, custom prefabs can no longer be saved directly to the game folder.
They will be saved to the User Defined Folder (UDF).
This default location is:


To avoid having to re-save each POI one at a time in the prefab editor, all POI's currently located in...

\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs

...should be manually moved to the UDF.

The UDF can be declared in the game launcher as a command line parameter.
Add the following to the command line:





The UDF can also be set in the serverconfig.xml file.



A20.6 b8 Changelog


JunkDrone NPC menu entry for toggle ally healing.

News window in main menu

DBS/F11 screenshots are now showing the world gen seed

GiveXp command


Storage and Service sounds to be consistent between vehicles and the drone.

Friends, History and LAN tabs in server browser now ignore filters and show all entries

Vultures don't auto aggro on players in vehicles

Updated repair and harvest items on gas pumps and vending machines to discourage exploits


Localization needed for drone ally healing

ModRoboticDroneModCooldown and Desc needs localization

Drone sounds don't affect stealth.

Vehicles storage access not playing sounds or adding to player stealth.

Drone receives buff from charismatic nature, nets +1 hp gain per hit at level 3

Drone will trigger when motion sensor is set to strangers and zombies

Drone pathing NRE when falling in Prefab Editor

Drone can't heal abrasion when using a first aid bandage or kit

Localization needed for drone ally healing

ModRoboticDroneModCooldown and Desc needs localization

Error with the drone with multiple cargo mods on a dedi, after a long play session.

EAC crashing the game on macOS Monterey

Key rack in diner_03 triggers a shutter in the poi next to it.

Seeds cannot spawn in trader loot.

Imposter blocks for poi abandoned_house_03.

Workbench crafting tool mod dupe

Can't pickup nonsquare frames if inventory is full

Store_grocery_03: On/off button on a forge becomes unresponsive

Clients in playtest games receive an NRE after selecting the given LCB

Harvested farm plots vanish when player inventory full

Molotovs are always lit once you light the first one in the stack

Workstations visually disappear when placing motion detecting equipment in the same chunk

Accessing an aimable electrical component after doing a melee attack will make you repeat the attack

BuffPerkGunSlingerBonus cvar doesn't clear during automatic fire if triggered with single shots

Urban Combat Vol. 7 no longer works due to unlinked IsIndoors cvar

Iron and steel spears disappear when thrown too far

Underground crouching and sprinting can result in teleportation to surface

Harvesting animals with full inventory results in lost items

Damage mitigation buffs only give a HP refund to players, not actual damage mitigation

Double XP killing a zombie while it is on fire using torch or any explosives.

Using auger or chainsaw right before they're done repairing breaks item/hand placement and hand animation

Vehicles collide with Sticky Projectiles

Can not save prefabs on MS Store build Saved prefabs now always go to the LocalPrefabs folder in the UDF

Can not create new worlds on MS Store build New worlds now always go to the GeneratedWorlds folder in the UDF

"Show light performance" setting in the editor carries over to normal game

Mod code being initialized twice if both legacy and new mod location exist and code mod being in the latter

Saving during imposter creation kills POIs

Creative menu stack size number decreases by right clicking single quantities of a grabbed stack into inventory

Not trying to load mods twice if UserDataFolder is set to the game folder

Players with nonlatin characters in their Windows user profile are unable to start game through the game launcher

Typo on special infected group GS1 and GS50 zombieWightRadiated probability

As client on a dedi, buried supplies are always in the South West Quadrant of the circle.

Buried supplies/treasure chests can spawn below bedrock.

Breaking weapon sound is not happening anymore.

"NO TRADER" appears on starter quest if no forest biomes exist or no trader in nearby forest.

ZombieSoldier backpack collision issue

Fixed industrial light 2 lens flare being blocked at moderately low angles

Fixed crawler and spider ragdolls shift back when blending out.

Fixed street lamp LOD group thresholds being too low.

Going from vehicle mod slot to clothing mod slot causes NRE

Switching from drone's mod window to another mod window will transform the drone to the other item

Iron and steel spears disappear when thrown too far.

On/off button on a forge becomes unresponsive

Knife harvest can easily hurt other players if they are standing near you

Accepting invites / joining through friends list is not blocked while game is still initializing

XBL invite creates new launcher and game instance if already running

Unable to join servers with some player names

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Hello everyone!
Today we have a small update patch for Alpha 20.6.

We wish all of you a great weekend!

A20.6 b9


Auto ping all found servers once


Non-XBL players were not shown being blocked when communication was globally blocked by XBL privacy settings

News screen scroll makes a sound even if you are on the first or last page

Voice chat not always properly disabled

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