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As I recall, some have a working theory that tree shadows are the main culprit.
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Originally posted by sinkingsun690: I can't immediately recall if there's a setting for shadow distance or not but if there is, turn it way down and see if that does anything. If shadows are the culprit that should affect it.
There isn't, it's just shadows in general that sets the distance and quality together.

Resolution also makes a difference, but running at 1920x1080 shouldn't have that many issues. The OP is reporting something that is a reported problem with dusk and dawn on some GPU's. The current working theory is that it's caused by the rendering of tree shadows, as this can be a rather intensive task due to the voxel nature of the game.
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Originally posted by dodgeballninja: Mine happens when my farm courtyard lights turn on 10pm to 4am, character movement becomes noticeably sluggish. The 6 lights hit a lot of crops from various angles, so I tried specifically reducing only Shadow Distance to Off and left everything else at the default High settings. No more lag.

Just checking... did you know that artificial lights have no effect on crop growth?

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