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Spawn point, along with many other things like tree placement, bird nest placement, garbage placement, etc, are determined by your game save name and world choice. For sake of example, If you make your save named "ABC123" on the Navezgane map, you will spawn in say, the desert next to a house. If you then delete the save and remake it with the exact same name of "ABC123" on Navezgane, you will once again spawn in the desert next to the same house- The exact same spot down to the block.

So, You have to pick a new save game name if you want a different spawn location. And if you want the specific name you've chosen and are unwilling to change it, then yes, your only option in that case would be to hoof it for greener pastures, literally. To save you some trouble, Forest would be to the North of the Wasteland.

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