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Infinite, no.
Larger, yet. The current goal is 16k.
Ability to customize settings in the RWG mixer have already been advertised in a20 developer streams. However making the entire world a city is likely something you'll need to do manually.
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Originally posted by RapFa: i can only imagine the rig power you will need for a 16k map being one entire big city..
Would probably require about 16-20GB RAM at a minimum, a fast SSD, and would work fine on any 7th-gen or newer Intel CPU or 3rd Gen+ Ryzen. You'll still get a little bit of stuttering when moving quickly, that that's not any different than sitting inside of a dense city right now.
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Originally posted by CatPerson: Glad I have 32 RAM then. Did those dev. videos mention how long it might take to generate a 16k RWG map? That's what I'd want to know. :steamhappy:

But advances for more customization sounds great.

I remember when they were "infinite" - although my brain remembers it become more and more sparse the farther you kept traveling (not to mention that hand-shaking) ... can't imagine that working well with the way the game is now, performance wise I mean.
The goal will be 1 minute per square kilometer on recommended hardware. So 16 minutes.

And just for reference, recommended hardware would be 7th-gen Intel or 3rd gen Ryzen or better, 16+GB RAM, an SSD, and a GPU with more than 4GB VRAM. They really need to update the store page to be more specific.

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