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You are basing it on your own personal knowledge of cooking that is so ingrained in your mind that you don't even think about it, It's "Simple" to just cook meat without burning it, 'Bacon and eggs' is basic to you.

But you've never cooked meat ON a fire before, Only in a pan. Get a grill and you can make grilled meat instead of charred meat.

And you are woefully (and probably happily) unaware of how many people in the world have no idea how to cook, simply using a microwave or oven and making pre-packaged meals. Bacon and eggs would not even occur to someone like this. Because it's not prepackaged and not microwavable.

Your player character is exactly that kind of person- No clue how to cook. A blank slate with very basic knowledge of 'Making food hot makes food safe to eat'.
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Originally posted by shelton543650: How about needing 5 entire ears of corn for 5 seed.
THE ENTIRE EAR OF CORN IS F***ING SEEDS. That's what an ear of corn is, corn seed.
Same with potatoes. Yea know the plant beloved because of its multiplication genetics?!? Farming sucks nut sack.
This is simple game balance.
It's interesting that you're advocating for the realism of 'An ear of corn is entirely made of seeds' but blatantly omitting 'An actual corn plant takes WAY MORE WORK TO GROW'.

You need to water them, keep them deweeded, keep vermin out, keep pests and insects away, monitor for crop rot and other crop killing fungi, A growth time of 70-80+ days if not longer (For corn it's closer to 90 depending on the specific breed) instead of just 3 days that we have in 7DTD, and other things besides.

Yes, It costs 5 of a crop to make a seed, Because you're not having to do literally any of the things required to make sure your plant grows to fruit and give you food, nor do you have to care for it for multiple months. You slap it on the ground and come back in 3 days when it's done growing.

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