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Originally posted by ⚜ JOST AMMAN ⚜: No, actually it is a known bug.

Meaning that fire from other sources (e.g.: campfire) gives you no experience, but zeds dying from your weapon's fire mod should still give you exp for the kill.
Correct same thing from explosion splash damage. You only get exp for the initial impact point, and not zeds killed by the blast.

It is being worked on.
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Originally posted by Spaghettioz: Still though I do have to say I was in the Wasted Lands again for a T5 mission for clear and get the item mission. That apartment POI is huge, and clearing it took till after 10. Oddly at 10, even though I was at the second floor from the top, the ground mobs got triggered somehow, and another HUGE flood of adds came in.

I was forced to abandon the mission literally cause i couldnt find the item (I was in .6m of it multiple times yet couldnt see it even after clearing blocks out) after clearing the POI adds, and the building was actually collapsing around me lol. I am just glad they were all inside the first and second floors and they must have been tearing all the supports out. The bear pack was the last i could take lol. Fortunately I got out alive with loot, but there was no defeating that group with my mid to upper level gear lol.

I cant see how anyone survives that kind of an endless horde if they are below ground lol. I did not last time omg. I am not sure how many spawn, but its the second time I seen them almost tear a massive POI down to get me. Pretty epic stuff!
Intended feature.

Starting with a19, wasteland at night is instant respawns. It's great for farming xp.

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