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Originally posted by *Barque*: Me and my friends are having the same problems.The pc specs is not one of them.If I can play Witcher on ultra it means I can generate a world
This goes a bit off topic, but I'm going to address it anyway..

If you can drive a car and hit 200mph on a straight away, it means you can go around a curve at 200mph, then, right?

Or if you can eat a whole small pizza, you can eat a whole party pizza?

Or that since you can draw well in crayon, you can paint a great oil painting?

Witcher 3 is a great game and all, But many of it's visual elements are prebaked, It's ram needs are quite a lot lower than 7dtd (7dtd will happily use upwards of 10-16gb of ram depending on the settings, while witcher uses 2-6 tops); it's vram needs are way lower as 7DTD can quite happily consume upwards of 6-8+gb of vram while witcher will run on 2-4(Seriously, texture quality alone in 7DTD can take 8gb.).. The CPU needs between the two are quite different too; One has largely predetermined reactions in the world, the other calculates constantly on the fly for numerous things like structural stability.

They're two very different games, that function very differently behind the scenes, and have very different requirements of a computer.....Just because you can do one, does not mean you can do the other. Specs make a difference- They may not be the issue presenting itself for you and your friend, But it makes a difference.

Take for example just the simple case of having 8gb of ram vs 16gb of ram. In the former case, when generating a world you will almost certainly cap out your ram and your computer will have to begin using the page file which will dramatically increase generation times as it has to constantly call and store information to and from disk; While with 16gb it can finish it without going to page file. Even though the 8gb of ram is perfectly good and can run Witcher 3 on ultra, it just isn't enough for 7DTD to do what it does without hitches.

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