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Originally posted by Pike1263:
Originally posted by Nerevar: traders now need 10 quests of the same tier instead of 7 to progress to the next tier. there is now an ingame tracker showing this progress aswell.

finished gear rewards have been greatly nerfed in quality and tiers aswell. t6 is no longer rewarded from traders at all aside solar cells.

Sounds like to prolong progress, they took the easy (and stupid) route of doubling down on tedium. Tedious isn't challenging, it's just tedious. Not interested.

Not awarding top tier gear too early is a good thing, but the whole damned system is random. FFS, I often finish getting magazines for crap I haven't spec'ed into before I get half of them for stuff I have spec'ed into. I'm not aware of a developer yet who's been able to truly balance anything random. None of the games I've played that are RNG are balanced and those devs also opted for tedium which is why I don't play them anymore.

I've been giving TFPs the benefit of the doubt, but to be honest, it's sounding like this game's gonna head toward the toilet.
Till you have it in hand, you shouldn't be so harsh. There might be other changes in the way it all works that would make increasing the required quest count back to 10 more purposeful than "just doubling down on tedium".

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