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It has always been basically unending spawns, yes; not really unending, but a number significant enough that it takes awhile to kill them all.

The "Blood Moon Count" setting determines how many zombies are alive at one time attacking the player at any given time during the blood moon.

A setting of 8 means that there will be 8 zombies (per player) attacking your base at any one time during the horde night. If you kill 4 of those, 4 new ones will spawn to replace them.

There IS an upper limit to the spawns that gets higher as your gamestage grows. Typically your first horde will peter out after an hour or two unless you're playing on 150-300% exp gain (More exp means more gamestage can be gained before the first horde.)
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Originally posted by jamesc70: I thought it was like 3 waves, no? I've only been through two so far, but the last one seemed to end at like 2AM after a third wave.
Depends entirely on your game stage and blood moon count. If you have a blood moon count of 64, then yeah, you'll probably run out of zombies in two or three waves, especially earlier in the game. With a count of 8, you gotta go through a lot of waves to reach the same amount of zombies as even just one wave of 64.

Functionally speaking, Zombies basically respawn instantly to replenish the difference between and until has been met.

If Total spawn count is 1000, then you must over the course of the night kill 1000 zombies. Whether that's in waves of 8, 32, or 64 is just a question of how hard it is to cope with the zombies.
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Originally posted by seven:
Originally posted by crmarlow2874: My game level is close to maxing out at 300, my next Blood moon is on day 84 and my xp is at full %. I'm curious, If I have a blood moon at a full 64 zombie count what would an average number be for a full horde night. I know it's a lot because my last three blood moon nights have been at 64. I usually can't keep track of how many I kill.

It really depends on how fast you kill them. If you're mowing them down with an M60, a lot. If you're relying on traps and things to slow them down, a lot less. You can find out how many you kill by checking your stats before and after. When I'm curious, I grab a screenshot of the scoreboard just before the horde starts and when it ends.
Yeah, Ultimately it's an "Upper limit" to the spawn count. Unless you're killing with extreme efficiency, you likely won't see more than 300-600~ zombies at most throughout a night just by virtue of the horde ending at 4:00 when morning comes.

You have about 12.5 minutes to kill zombies during a horde night on default day length of 60 mins, 1 kill per second would be 750, and that's an unlikely number to reach without some kind of abusable way of killing them or loooooots of explosives.

That said, I don't actually know how many zombies would spawn were you able to exhaust your spawn count- But at a gamestage of 600+ which you'd have at max level, I'd wager it to be in the ballpark of 1,000+ total.