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The first bug is not being able to confirm 2 kills for avenging a player death, I was able to confirm one chicken but not the other two. It's bad enough some poor sap got taken out by the infamous Ubisoft Killer Chickens but I can't even properly avenge him ......


So I made a save, quit out of the game and reloaded and still the same thing and then not even 5 minutes later I come across a key I am unable to loot


I'm 130 hours in and 85% complete but I'm afraid to go any further because I don't want it breaking my save or come across one of the infamous "cannot proceed in quest xxx" errors and rending all my time wasted

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Hi @longjohn119 I'm sorry to hear that you experienced these issues.

I have reported both of these to the development team. Do you have a previous save that you can load before you accepted the avenge quest? If so could you please try loading that save then return to the same location to see if you can collect the key.

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