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Has anyone else got an issue with the weekly Connect challenges not updating or registering kills/drinking contests/orlog wins/recruiting etc?

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Hi all,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the Ubisoft Connect challenges.

@gatton16 @Domboyy @Xadro_ Could you please provide a video showing you completing the actions required for the weekly challenge. After you have done that wait a couple of minutes then open Ubisoft Connect to show it has not been counted.

@Sib3riX @alkiww @Merkury90 Are you experiencing this with certain core challenges or all that you have tried? If it is certain ones could you please provide a list of the ones you are experiencing issues with.

@Spyder_Bait I can confirm this is a known issue, could you please post on the mega thread we have created for that particular issue here.

@killerkerney Could you confirm if you are experiencing issues with the core challenges, weekly challenges or both?

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