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On the final mission in the Essex arc, where you must hunt with Birstan, once you return to join him and Alfida, he doesn’t go back. He just stands outside Colchester’s gates in a bush.

I have researched and it seems this is quite common, and I have followed every single advice from leaving it for hours, restarting the game and also updating my game. But nope, nothing . I have finished every other area of the map and just want to move forward because now im stuck and I’ve wasted hours.

Please help?

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Hi @georgeandcole I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to progress in the quest 'Twists and Turns'.

If you have already tried what SpirantCrayon22 suggested and the issue persists then could you please provide a video to demonstrate the issue.

I would recommend uploading your video to a video sharing platform such as YouTube, you can then copy the URL link into this thread. 

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