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Dear support,

Problem with quest 'Amber sun' in Ireland. I have killed Balgor already 3 times. Each time death scene hangs. Balgor lies dead, speaking and cut scene is not switching to next step.
Additional things: in the boss level area I can not switch equipment, open map, open menu to upload previous save, quick bow multishot targeting using R1 is not working

I have game version 1.6.0

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@velychkovlad Hi, and welcome to the forum !

I've read your report, and I'm sorry to hear that you're encountering an Issue after fighting Balor !

The link you posted in one of your messages has been removed, as there was an Issue with it.

If you'd like share screenshots, I invite you to try to do so via the dedicated option in the message options (little picture icon to the right of the message bar).

For the purpose of our investigation, in order to isolate the Issue, I invite you to try the following :

👉 Fight Balor using only arrows (will have to be a max level to deal high damage) 

👉 In the second phase of the fight after Balor removes their mask shoot each of the weak points whilst Balor is charging their sword and then use an arrow stun attack to bring the rest of their health bar to 0.

👉 When Balor is at 0 health and on one knee attack it with a melee attack.

This triggers the cutscene but it will be glitched, you then need to shoot one arrow to Balor's eye to end the fight.

Should the problem persist afterwards, or if you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out !