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I'm in Australia, and the sale is currently on.

I'm like 'cool, lets see if Ragnarök DLC is on sale'. Its not.

HOWEVER Valhalla Ragnarök Edition, the one that comes with everything, IS on sale, and IS CHEAPER THAN THE DLC ON ITS OWN.

The normal price for AU is $149.95 for Ragnarök Edition. The sale is 65% off, so it's sale price is $52.48. Not bad if you want to get everything, esptialy if you apply the 20% coupon as well, witch drops it to 41.99

However, the Ragnarök DLC on its own is $59.95. And is not on sale.

Now, if I apply the 100point coupon to it, it drops to $47.96

How dose this work? How is it that the Ragnarök Edition is on sale, but not the Ragnarök DLC on its own? I don't want to rebuy the whole game even if it is cheaper. In the words of the Red Head Polly, Please Explain.

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Hey @TheJagji

We don't have any input into what goes on sale I'm afraid but if you own the game through Ubisoft Connect already and buy the ragnarok edition, it will just add the extra content you don't own already for you.

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