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If I am in Ravensthorpe, I can call Raven by pressing D-pad up on my XBox controller. But If I go to Svartalfheim (DLC Dawn of Ragnarok), raven is not called by pressing D-pad UP. I have went to stable/aviary to change skin, but raven still not shown by pressing D-Pad UP.
This Glitch does not happen in base game (England, Norway, Asgard, Jotunheim), Ireland (Wrath of the Druids), and Francia ( Siege of Paris).

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Hey there @lisachang35,

Dawn of Ragnarock works a little differently in that you can't call for a Raven.

More you can become one by acquiring the Power of the Raven.

This is done by defeating a large raven and absorbing it's power into your Hugr-Rip.

Have you given this a try yet?

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