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I put in a ticket June 6th because my Eivor was sent "Glouchestershire to complete a Reda quest yesterday and the dreadful cloak took the place of my store-bought cloak. This is the second day and not only does it not come off, it locks out all of my loadouts." I let them know it was happening everywhere in England and I couldn't get rid of it. I followed up several times reporting that it wouldn't go away. Their unhelpful support person, Ubi-Havoc, wrote "Hey there Tolkyyn Thank you for your time with reaching out to us. Please note that it is working as intended for the mask and cloak to come back every time you head back to Glowecestrescire."

I had clearly told them it was continuing after I left Glowecestrescire. So this Ubi-Havoc person obviously didn't read my entire support ticket. I finally got it to go away after spending time in France, then this morning the dreaded cloak and mask of Glowecestrescire was back. I did a River Raid, it was back as soon as I docked. I did Reda's quests in France, and the cloak returned after I returned to Raventhorpe.
The issue isn't just cosmetic, it freezes all my loadouts, so I can't easily switch from loadout one to two or five etc. It's a functional issue, and their support person sounds as if he/she hasn't even played the game.

To me, it feels like they are treating their players with contempt, dismissing our concerns and not worried about how it affects us. I'm really angry about not only the bug that has been around since launch never being fixed, and their attitude.

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Hello @tolkyyn.

First off, I want to apologize that you've had this experience; I'd like to see what I can do to improve it for you.

Please try verifying your files and reinstalling the game. (I know this is beyond frustrating and I'm really sorry for that.)

If this makes no difference, I'd like to ask a few things:

  • Are you able to change cloaks without changing load-outs?
  • If so, if you go to a restricted city or town and raise your hood, then put it down and remove your cloak, does everything return to normal, even if only temporarily? (including your load-outs)
  • Have you noticed that the cloak appearance and load-out lock tends to happen after anything specific or is it completely random?
  • If you restart the game, are you able to unlock your load-outs?

I'd also ask for a short video clip just showing that your load-outs are locked even after leaving Glowecestrescire along with an image of the game being on the most recent update so that I can get this information forwarded over to the teams to be investigated further.