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Hello, I recently purchased Assassin's Creed Valhalla on epic games store and after downloading it for two days there and later on Ubisoft connect launcher, i cant launch the game.

When i start the game through either Ubisoft connect launcher or the epic games store launcher a small window from ubisoft connect pops out with the assassin's creed valhalla graphic and a spinning wheel on the right side of a bottom bar of the window but nothing happens, the game wont launch.

I also tried to launch the game by running the .exe file itself but i get error message "The program can't start because d3d12.dll is missing from your computer." Is this the problem here?

Are there any solutions i can try? I already updated my graphics card drivers and it didnt do anything

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Hi @xardas-darkmage I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues launching the game.

Could you take a look at the PC troubleshooting article and run through all the steps listed then try again. The support article contains some of the most common fixes for crashes, freezing, FPS drops and more.

I would also recommend reinstalling the support software.

After you have done those steps try launching the game again.

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