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Hello, So sorry if this has been covered and I was unable to locate it. I had not played in a few weeks. I came back, bought the two DLCs Noticed in combat I was getting my butt kicked a lot.. Looking at my inventory nearly every single rune I had in armor had vanished. Nearly every rune I had in gear is gone from the gear and can not be found in inventory to put back into gear, I have dozens in my inventory but when I go to try and find rune to put back in my gear nothing is there from before.

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Hi @syrkrotuas and welcome to the forums.

I'm sorry to hear that you have lost some of your runes.

Can you confirm if the runes are missing from a particular armour set and weapons or multiple? And roughly how many runes do you think are missing?

Also if you have a previous save that you can load, can you please try this to see if your runes are still attached to your armour and weapons.