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After reinstalling the my add-ons, these are still in my game:

The world event in Gullnámar with the crying dwarf by the dead dwarf is not activating, no prompts to talk to the female dwarf.

Missing Motsognir's Clarity Rune even though all wealth, mysteries, and artifacts has been completed (minus the one from Gullnámar and Svaladal).

Missing Artifact marker. No white dot anywhere on the map even when icons are resized to their max size.

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Hey @jooooov welcome to the Ubisoft Forums! I appreciate you reaching out to us about these various issues in Dawn of Ragnarok, and I apologize for any frustration they may have caused. Let's get into this.

First, please try verifying the game files in Ubisoft Connect to ensure any corrupted or misplaced files are restored. If these issues continue, please review the information below.

GULLNÁMAR ---> Could you provide a video from your gameplay showing this situation in action? Please be sure to show you opening the map to display your exact location in the game. You can upload the video to Twitter or YouTube (upload it as either unlisted or public) and then drop the link here.

RUNES ---> To clarify this situation further, did you physically collect the Motsognir's Clarity rune(s) after clearing the corresponding Jotun Blight and it simply did not appear in your inventory?

SVALADAL ----> Could you provide either a video or images showing this in your game?

I look forward to your update on these situations, and thanks for working with me!

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