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Hi, I have a question regarding the trophies we get on Ps5 for AC Valhalla.
I used to play AC Valhalla on PC via epic games and was able to play for around 60 hours or so. Now I recently got a ps5 and got my Ubisoft account connected and hence I got all of my progress back. I can continue playing on Ps5 with no problems. However I am now trying to get all trophies in Ps5 but I see it says that I have 0 trophies.

I already completed most of the trophy stuff and I have that progress with me. Doesn’t the trophy progress also get reflected? Or we have start all over again to get the trophies? Please let me know I am new in the console world so not aware about the trophy system.

about 1 month ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

Hi @f5xanas I'm sorry to hear that none of the trophy's have automatically unlocked after loading your save.

In order to make the trophies unlock you would need to perform an action.

For instance any trophies that were related to a quest you would need to complete another main or side quest to unlock those trophies. For trophies were you had to perform a specific action, you would need to repeat that action again.

However, we are currently aware that some players are experiencing issues with trophies not retroactively unlocking. We have created a megathread for this issue here. If you continue to experience issues unlocking the trophies then please post on that megathread with a list of the trophies that have not unlocked for you.

about 1 month ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@f5xanas you're welcome.

Yes so for instance completing a main or side quest should unlock any previous achievements you unlocked that were related to a quest. For ones which require you to perform an action you will need to do those again. You would not need to complete every action again to unlock all of the trophies.

As mentioned there is a known issue with some trophies retroactively unlocking, if this is the case please post in the megathread I mentioned in my post above.