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I have encountered a bug which renders the nudist colony mystery unsolvable.

I went down and spoke with the lady and accidentally pulled a SoulsBorne and killed her. I then picked up the box of clothes and threw it into the lake, as that is what I thought the guy wanted me to do. I then watched the clothes box fall through the map on the bottom of the lake.

I then took my clothes off and got caught in a loop of "dancing" with the nudists which ate up all of my autosaves and I could not load an earlier save.

I kind of bumbled into a bunch of weird things with this sidequest and it bugged out. I cannot get the box of clothes to reappear so that I may turn it in. I've gone to Norway and back and everything. Need Help!!
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Hey TimepointFive, thanks for posting

These forums are no longer in use as we have moved over to our new platform here now. Please repost this query there!

If you could add the following to your post when you make it, that would be great:

- The name of the specific quest you encountered this issue during

- A screenshot or short video clip showing that you're unable to interact with the next stage of the quest (i.e. you can't turn the box in because you don't have it)

- A list of the steps you've tried, if any, in addition to reloading an earlier save

Thank you

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