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so you've known about this issue for almost 2 years now.
yet this week's challenge has been this nonsense again. (yes it is as bad, been grinding this crap for 2 hours now and im still not done.)

but i'm not surprised. ubisoft is entirely out of touch with their community... and this is not even the tip of the iceberg, comparably just a snowflake on top of it.

hint for your devs: play your own game and write down EVERY annoyance.

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Hi @nemesis05 @SpirantCrayon22 @XBL_Laberbacke I'm sorry to hear that the 'Master Assassin' time-limited challenge still requires 100 assassinations.

I have forwarded your feedback on to the development team again.

21 days ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@SpirantCrayon22 thanks for your response, and for the suggestion to make this challenge easier to complete 🙂

I do understand that some players may find this particular challenge frustrating to complete due to the number of assassinations required.

I can also assure you that we do understand how it feels to be in the players shoes, I myself have played this game a lot, as well as other games. We may not always be able to reproduce a particular issue that yourself or other players experience, but as a gamer myself I do understand what it's like to encounter an issue in a game.