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Every time I load into svartalfheim either from the main menu or from england one of the abilities in my hugr rip disappears leaving an empty slot, this started after I switched from the hugr rip upgrade that gives you an extra ability slot to the one where you can sacrifice your health to refill your hugr. The ability that disappears is the one that was in the extra slot when I switched the upgrades but switching back and rearranging abilities (even not having that specific ability equipped at the time) does not fix it.

Here is a video showing the issue:


And as the devs always ask this for bug reports, yes I have verified my game files and yes my save is on the cloud.

21 days ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

Hey @d-warrior! Thanks for reaching out and grabbing me that video clip.

I'm sorry your ability keeps disappearing when you load into Svartalfheim, but I would like to ask a few things:

  • Does this happen regardless of whether you use Quick Save or load in using a manual save?
  • Could you also grab us a screenshot of your Hungr-Rip and their DoR blacksmith page?
  • Could you make sure your latest save file is uploaded to the cloud?

Thanks in advance! 💙