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I’m using a 4K projector for gaming, and using a 21:9 ultra wide screen. I’m using a custom resolution in windows 11 to lock the screen to 3840x1620. All other games have worked fine, but Valhalla won’t display an ultra wide image. No matter what I try, it stretches the 3840x1620 image option into the 16:9 screen size above and below my normal screen. Please advise..

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Hey there @HawkeyeWilikens!

If setting the resolution to 3840 x 1620 in the game's settings isn't working for you, have you tried editing the .ini file?

You should be able to find it by going to your Documents folder > Assassin's Creed: Valhalla > ACValhalla.ini, and the settings you're looking for are FullscreenWidth and FullscreenHeight. Adjusting those values accordingly should hopefully let you play at the desired resolution! 🙂

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