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It's kind of amazing that this game has been out since 2020 and this bug is still not fixed. Whenever it is raining in the game world, it's also raining inside houses. Big buildings like churches or castles are normal but when you go inside a regular house during rain, it's just raining right through the roof. It's kinda immersion breaking when people's homes are getting soaked. This is especially true when there are npc's inside. They just completely ignore the fact that their roof appears to be full of holes 😄

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Hello to both of you!

I know it's not super pleasant for it to rain inside any time it rains outside @Crazybone992. (Having been there, done that but I most assuredly noticed things were getting soaked.)

And thank you for chiming in @HIDDEN1NE with the possibility of the other bug though this does appear it may be a slightly different issue.

  • @Crazybone992, Will you share if this happens with houses anywhere, or is it only in certain areas?
  • Could you also grab a video clip or image to help me look into this? If providing a video clip, I'd advise uploading to YouTube, Google Drive, etc., and making sure it's unlisted or public, then providing me with the link here. Thank you!