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Hello, I have since Mid November until today several random freezes, mainly followed by a crash without error message. I don't know why, but the freezes/crashes happen more frequently last frew day. Before i had a random freeze/crash and played few days without any error. Now I have within 30 Minutes at least 2 crashes. By 2 freezes I had to end the game with taskmanager.

It happens, like I wrote, randomly, during travel with horse, a cutscene, walking around, during battle, etc......

Looking at Eventmanger, etc...I got error messages .:
Problem Event Name:   LiveKernelEvent
Code:   141
Parameter 1:   ffffd38d1e041460
Parameter 2:   fffff80596652298
Parameter 3:   0
Parameter 4:   2f54
OS version:   10_0_19042
Service Pack:   0_0
Product:   768_1
Operating system version:   10.0.19042.

-> (connected with nvlddmkm error message)

Then a deeper view I saw also D3DDRED2 error messagee, connected with Assassins Creed Valhalla.exe.

At first I checked my Hardware/Software for errors, but no problems found.
Did a reinstall of GPU driver (RTX 2080 / 8GB ), I used the last 2 drivers + current driver - same error.
Updated my Windows 10 to current version...no change regarding errors
All other drivers (sound, etc) up to date.
No Overheating during game.

I have with no other games problems. I have only with Valhalla the above-mentioned problems.

I think the problem is Valhalla itself, but during my search some answered "no, it's your faulty hardware and not AC Valhalla".

Is known that Ubisoft know about the crashes like this one? Have more such crashes like me? Is my assumption possibly right that Valhalla could be the problem?

Currently I will stop playing ACV.

Sadly, I had almost 95 hours no problems and now I have 2 crashes within 30-45 minutes.

my PC

RTX 2080 8GB
Win 10 (20H2)

12 months ago - UbiKobold - Direct link

Hello, and I hope you all are having a good day! I am sorry that these crashes have been happening! Due to the error provided, please try re-installing the supporting software for your game. Afterwards, make sure to immediately restart your PC or the steps will not register as complete. Then, verify your game files and test your game out again.

However, if this continues, please create a Support ticket and attach your MSinfo and DxDiag files.

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